Article Guidelines


  1. Avoid profanity or slang, expect when used for article authenticity. (If you don't think its necessary, it isn't. )
  2. Don't make stuff up!
  3. Choose topics appropriate for high school students.
  4. Spell correctly.
  5. Be able to show how you obtained your quotations

Some Extra (and Hopefully Helpful) Advice:

  1. Use paragraphs to break your article into smaller chunks, rather than having one big block of text.
  2. Interview people if you can. Quotations create a nice flow and also add credibility to your arguments. If you're interviewing via phone, don't hesitate to ask them to slow down; it is better to get it all down than risk missing something.
  3. Use a hook. Remember this is not an English class essay-- you need to draw your reader in.
  4. Get your thoughts on paper first. That's the hardest step; you can always refine your article later.
  5. Be ready to revise if necessary. (Nobody is perfect on their first try.)
  6. Find photos that you can legally use in your story. This can be a great way to complement your story. If you're having trouble, you can search our free photo database.
  7. Please include links to applicable websites or to cite your sources. For an example, see Ethan's article on the inauguration.