'The Counter' Restaurant Review

By Halley Crane (Columnist) [?]

Published: September 26, 2009 and Updated: February 19, 2010
Original LA News Desk Content

The Counter is a burger joint like no other. It's healthy, fresh, and delicious, but at $12-15 per person, it won't blow your allowance either. More impressively, you can choose from “312,120+ different burger combinations,” so it’s possible for even the most stubborn eater to find something they love. It's 11 California locations (the closest of which is in Santa Monica) and a complete menu are listed on The Counter's website.

The Counter takes the art of burger eating to a new level. After sitting, a waiter will bring you a clipboard with a list of their different burger meats, buns, toppings, and sauce choices. You fill out the page according to your stomach’s desires and wait for your personalized burger. With toppings like goat cheese, cranberries, and sun dried tomatoes, The Counter is not just some fast food burger hole-in-the wall, but a high quality, reasonably priced, unique dining experience. After filling out your order form and, hopefully, ordering some fabulous sweet potato or regular French fries, your burger comes quickly and exactly to your specifications.

You really cannot go wrong with anything you order and there is a combination for every personality. I have a few favorites, though, that are definitely worth trying. For those trying to stay on the healthy side: a bun-less burger on a bed of either romaine or mixed baby greens. For the more robust pallet, the herb goat cheese spread accompanied by grilled onions, tomatoes, sprouts, and scallions is sure to be a hit. Add the garlic aioli and even splurge a little for a premium topping, the sautéed mushrooms, and you will be amazed that such a delicious burger can be found at such an easy, fast, and reasonable restaurant. Also, if your sweet tooth seems to need a little pick-me-up, go for the chocolate malt or a peanut butter milkshake.

Two more tips: 1) make a little game plan before you go — look at the online menu and get an idea of how you will construct your burger; and 2) try to not go overboard with the amount of toppings. Too many toppings, and you take away the essence of the delicious burger. Setting a boundary allows you to remember what you want to get the next time you go.

I hope you try The Counter sometime soon; it’s a great lunch and an even better atmosphere. Bring a friend, and enjoy the most personalized eating experience you have ever had. Overall, I give the Counter a rating of 9 out of 10, for its impeccable service, original concept, and delicious burgers.

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  • Evan, on 09/26/2009, said:

    Excellent review! I couldnt agree more. It's delicious!

  • Laura C., on 09/29/2009, said:

    Excellent review! I am so impressed! I will now visit this restaurant on your suggestion.

  • Michael, on 09/29/2009, said:

    "Mouthwatering" review !!!

  • Kirstyn, on 10/01/2009, said:

    It sounds really good! I've passed by The Counter numerous times and always said I'd go eat there, but never did. After reading this, I'm going this weekend!

  • Joan T., on 10/01/2009, said:

    Sounds really good to me............can't wait to give The Counter a try. Great Review!

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