Review of Hannah Montana: The Movie

By Zoe Levine (Columnist, Former Culture Editor) [?]

Published: April 23, 2009
Original LA News Desk Content

Based on the popular Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana: The Movie starring Miley Cyrus, brings back all its favorite characters, including some new ones. Miley Stewart along with her alter ego, pop sensation Hannah Montana, travel back home to Tennessee for two weeks after her double life gets too hectic to handle. While in Tennessee Miley must choose who she wants to be: a famous pop star, or a normal teenager. While in Tennessee, Miley reacquaints with Travis Brody, her old childhood crush and a relationship sparks. This along with remembering her country roots will make the decision even harder for Miley to make at the end of her stay.

Running more like a Disney Channel Original Movie than a box office hit, Hannah Montana: The Movie is aimed at the younger crowd. It’s slightly teen conflicts and cheesy acting and story line make it a perfect film for a slumber party chick flick. It has a run time of an hour and 42 minutes, but the movie goes by pretty quickly. The movie contains 12 brand new songs including the hit “The Climb.” The movie would be perfect as a DVD rental, in the comfort of your own home; its not worth the uncomfortable movie seats and screaming little girls.

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