Arch and Building

Community Service Problems at Pali

A brief history of the recent controversy surrounding Pali's community service program.

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Windward Debate

Windward Debate has picked up momentum this year. Find out what all the buzz is about. Or if you just like being bored.

A Guide to All Things Charlie

Katie Donahoe sits down with Charlie Holmes, English Department Chair at Windward School and Grammarian, to discuss his ties, his personality, and his job.

An Interview with Eiji Yano: Windward's New Japanese Teacher

Youngsang Ryu interviews the new Japanese teacher at Windward, Eiji Yano.

New Buildings at Windward

Youngsang Ryu reviews the status of the new buildings at Windward School and interviews the man who's spear-heading the project, Jim Bologna.

New Windward Voters

Hunter Owens interviews first time voters to get their thoughts on the whole process and find out who they plan to vote for.

Republicans at Windward

Peter Gebriel reviews the state of Republicans and Windward and reveals some of the shocking discrimination that they face.

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