New Buildings at Windward

By Youngsang Ryu (Columnist, Former Opinion Editor) [?]

Published: December 2, 2008 and Updated: January 14, 2009
Original LA News Desk Content

When students returned from summer vacation this year, they noticed that the big ditch which was once Windward’s construction site had transformed into the actual structures of the new buildings, albeit rudimentary ones. The progress of the new buildings is pretty impressive, and Jim Bologna is one of the people responsible for the speed and quality at which these buildings are rising. He kindly sat down to answer our construction questions.

According to Jim, the project is ahead of schedule and expected to be done towards the end of the school year. He hopes that some of the classrooms will be ready for use before the end of the year. Jim himself is excited about the broadcast studio, media lab, science labs, the space for robotics, the band room, and the big dance studio.

A few unexpected things have happened during the construction, most notably in February, when there was a flood in the big ditch. A pipe that brings water to Santa Monica sat under the construction site. However, in order to build the new buildings, the pipe needed to be rerouted around the construction site. With Santa Monica’s approval, the builders decided to cut the pipe for rerouting. After the pipe was cut, and before it was rerouted, the people in charge of the Santa Monica piping systems decided to test it. When the water was turned on, rather than reaching Santa Monica, it flooded into the big ditch. As some of you may recall, there was a not-so-pretty pool in the construction site.

Fortunately, overall, the building project has gone extremely well. The company in charge is called SPEER. According to Jim, SPEER is very flexible and efficient. Sometimes, the builders even wake up very early in the morning to build. Although the early building benefits Windward, the neighbors don’t like the loud clanging noise at six in the morning, so now the builders wait until 7:30. Windward is lucky they are working so fast. It looks like we’ll have our new Teaching and Learning Center, Science and Math Center, Athletic Facilities, Music and Dance Center, and Reading Room in no time!

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