Windward Debate

By Brice Green (Columnist, Former Local Editor) [?]

Published: January 28, 2009
Original LA News Desk Content

Debate team has recently become a very popular and successful program at Windward, both because of the college credit one receives and because of the fun intellectual challenge that it creates. Windward specifically takes part in a form of debate called Parliamentary, or Parli for short, after the British Parliament. The fundamental difference between this and other forms of debate is that instead of doing lots and lots of research on a single topic argued multiple times, a topic and side in Parliamentary debate is typically received 20 minutes before the debate round starts. “Getting the topic right before the round starts is an advantage for Windward students because it requires critical thinking and doesn’t require lots of research, which is a pain to put together,” said Hunter Owens, captain of the debate team.

Debate was essentially created last year by co-founders Brice Green and Hunter Owens, who got the popular Windward history teacher, Bud Pell, to coach. Soon after the initial creation, the two other key members of the debate team, David Dworsky and Eric Rowe, joined. The team of Brice and Hunter had a lot of success, coming in second in the Open division and first in the Novice division of its first tournament. In the next tournament, at UCLA, Hunter and Brice came in ninth out of forty teams, points away from qualifying for quarters. In the next tournament, at Pepperdine, David and Eric got to the finals of the Novice division and lost; David also received a speaker award in the Open division. In the Alternative State tournament held at Taft high school in protest over the State tournament being held over Passover, Brice and Hunter qualified for quarters and lost a tough round over the stimulus package.

This year the program has picked up steam. The team now has around twelve members, including six or so who have actually competed in tournaments. The new debaters this year, Tess McCarthy and Adam Factor, have been getting a lot of experience. In Tess’s first tournament, a Western Bay Forensics League Debate, she teamed up with Hunter and had a good couple of rounds. At the next tournament, Claremont, she partnered with David and had mixed results. The other team that represented Windward at Claremont, Hunter and Brice, qualified for quarterfinals and lost advocating corporate profits over biodiversity. At the next tournament, Pepperdine, Adam Factor joined in teaming up with Hunter, while Tess and Brice teamed up. Brice and Tess went 5-1 in regulation debates, but lost in quarterfinals in opposition to universal healthcare.

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  • D*** Cheney, on 01/29/2009, said:

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  • Anonymous, on 02/05/2009, said:

    This article is absolutely amazing. I think that I might want to actually be on the team. I'm glad Windward has done so well in debate, and the writing was phenomenal. I felt the realism portrayed by this vignette. I hope more are on the way!! <--Parts of Comment Removed for Plagiarism-->

  • Tyler, on 04/27/2009, said:


  • Hunter Owens (Co-Founder, Editor In Chief, Columnist), on 04/27/2009, said:

    Yes, Brice has negeleted to reference either Chip Dickerson (the original coach of the team) and successes of the middle school division. However the article is a short condensed history of Windward Debate.

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