Meet The Staff


  • Hunter Owens

    Hunter Owens- Co-Founder, Editor In Chief, Columnist

    Hey, I'm Hunter and I'm LA News Desk' co-founder and Editor in Chief. I came up with the idea for LA News Desk with Ethan Resnick when I saw the quality of online student journalism. I'm the voices editor (opinion) at the Windward Bridge, on the debate team (parli) and I do a lot of community service work, mostly with Treepeople. Also, I'm the Social Action Vice President at UNITY, the youth group at University Synagogue. I'm a political junkie and I enjoy cooking. Hope you enjoy LA News Desk.

    Articles by Hunter Owens
  • Ethan Resnick

    Ethan Resnick- Co-Founder, Technology Director, Designer, Columnist

    Hi. I'm Ethan, the Co-Founder, Technology Director, and Designer of LA News Desk. (I also do a little bit of writing.) I helped found LA News Desk to encourage good student journalism online, where students can more freely express their views on any topic. I also got involved because I always love a technical challenge (and boy was this site one!). Outside of LA News Desk, I play baseball and tennis and like going to the movies. Enjoy LA News Desk and make sure to give us your feedback.

    Articles by Ethan Resnick


  • Alex Leichenger- Sports Editor, Columnist

    Hey I'm Alex, your sports editor for LA News Desk. I go to Harvard-Westlake, where I am on our student newspaper, The Chronicle. I look forward to contributing to this great online newspaper as well!

    Articles by Alex Leichenger
  • Simone Schenkel

    Simone Schenkel- Science & Technology Editor, Columnist

    Hey everyone, I'm Simone and I'm the editor of Science and Technology. Ever since I can remember, I've been completely enthralled by the ins and outs of science and medicine, and when I was given the opportunity to be the editor of LA News Desk's Science section, I couldn't resist. I am also currently the Editor of Health and Science at the Windward Bridge, and do community service at Temple Emanuel for the health and psychological problems that come with homelessness in the LA area. I hope everyone enjoys LA News Desk!

    Articles by Simone Schenkel
  • Tess McCarthy

    Tess McCarthy- Opinion Editor, Culture Editor, Columnist

    Tess McCarthy is the Opinion Editor and the Culture Editor. Tess has written creatively since she learned to write, and has only integrated reality into her writing in recent years. She is also on the parliamentary debate team at Windward and enjoys arguing in unstructured environments as well. She acts both professionally and non-professionally and performs comedy improvisation. She is excited to join LAND!

    Articles by Tess McCarthy


  • Brice Green

    Brice Green- Columnist, Former Local Editor

    Brice Green is currently the Local editor at LA News Desk. He enjoys playing saxophone, piano, guitar and singing. He plays for the Colburn Wind Ensemble, the Windward School Jazz Combo, and solo classical piano. He also likes to play tennis, and is ranked in Southern California. He does not play for Windward because of lack of time. He also considers himself much nerdier than average.

    Articles by Brice Green
  • Youngsang Ryu

    Youngsang Ryu- Columnist, Former Opinion Editor

    Youngsang was born in South Korea. He came to the United States was he was in first grade. He enjoys playing video games, soccer, and his clarinet. Youngsang is currently a copy editor at the Windward Bridge.

    Articles by Youngsang Ryu
  • Zoe Levine

    Zoe Levine- Columnist, Former Culture Editor

    Hi! Iím Zoe, the editor of the Culture section. I go to Marymount High School where I also am a part of that newspaper. I love going to the movies and anything that has to do with entertainment. I love playing tennis and my favorite shows are Gossip Girl and 90210. I hope you enjoy LA News Desk.

    Articles by Zoe Levine
  • Halley Crane

    Halley Crane- Columnist

    Hey there! My name is Halley Crane and I currently attend Beverly Hills High School. I've always been extremely passionate about food, cooking, writing, and well, eating! My dream is to be a restaurant food critic, and I'm here to give you guidance on where to eat and what to order, while also being realistic about the budget and convenience for the average high school teen. My interests (besides food) include acting, music, flea market shopping, and living life to the fullest. I hope you enjoy my column! :)

    Articles by Halley Crane

Former Staff

  • Dexter O'Connell

    Dexter O'Connell- Former Managing Editor, Former Columnist

    Ahoy! Iím Dexter OíConnell, the Managing Editor for LA News Desk and the Editor-in-Chief for the Palisades Tideline newspaper, where I write the ďDexterís LabĒ opinion column. Although we at Pali can publish much more freely than those in private schools, we still check certain rights at the gate. That is what drove my involvement with LA News Desk. Besides journalism, I've coached and captained Paliís mock trial team and I am on the varsity lacrosse team. Iím also an honest-to-goodness elected official, a Community Officer of the Venice Neighborhood Council.

    Articles by Dexter O'Connell
  • Peter Gebriel- Former World & U.S. Editor, Former Columnist

    I am a senior at Windward School, and the News Editor of the Windward Bridge. I also love cheese. Especially brie.

    Articles by Peter Gebriel