Protesters marching in favor of a public health care option

Health Care: Why Students Should Support a Government Option

Students should support a public option because they take a huge risk staying uninsured and because it's a moral imperative, says Hunter Owens.

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Apathy and the Inauguration

Adam Factor asks American teenagers to note the significance of Obama's inauguration.

Inauguration Inspires but Ignores LGBT Rights and Misplaces Religion

Ethan Resnick discusses his personal qualms about Barack Obama's inauguration proceedings.

Political Gridlock Problems

Political Gridlock has been one of the longest standing problems in Washington. Robbie Brussell thinks a super-majority would solve today's crises.

Bailout 101

A 5-step how to on saving america's automakers by Hunter Owens. The bailout is up for voting in congress soon.

My Parent's Election

Robbie Brussell documents his daily life before the election and how his parent's decision changed throughout the year.