My Parent's Election

By Robbie Brussell (Contributor) [?]

Published: December 4, 2008 and Updated: January 27, 2009
Original LA News Desk Content

Every Morning I wake up to CNN blaring throughout my house. The anchors are almost always talking about one of two people: John McCain or Barack Obama. My parents listen to the reports intently. But when Obama speaks they make faces or roll their eyes claiming he will not accomplish what he is setting out to do. This routine went on for about seven months, and during this time my parents knew to keep quiet when I was in the room to avoid debating. This was because they had become increasingly annoyed when I told them about McCain’s flaws. They said I was sipping the “Obama Kool Aid,” which was probably one of the only times they had responded to what I had said.

For the record, my mother is Democrat and my father is a Republican. For most of 2008, I constantly tried to convince my parents they should not vote for McCain. They just ignored me and continued with their current activities. Then, Barack Obama spoke at the Democratic Convention. My parents were still making those suspicious remarks. But they had more respect for him because his goals seemed more realistic. The following day John McCain chose Sarah Plain for his running mate. I walked in the room and saw this lady I had never seen before speaking on the screen. I thought "why is Tina Fey on stage with John McCain?" I asked my mother if she liked her. My mother responded with we will find out. And oh, we found out all right.

After a few days, facts began to come out about Sarah Palin. My parents are both Jewish. So when they heard that her pastor is an active supporter of Jews for Jesus they freaked. They were also freaked out that he said that the reasons for terrorist attacks on Israel is because Jews did not accept Christ. This all said while Palin was in the church. And Palin says that not enough people talk about Obama’s pastor? My mother was in shock that he picked someone so conservative. My mother claims that she cannot vote for McCain anymore, not because of McCain, but because of his running mate. She thinks that it is not ethical that she made women pay for their own rape kits. I never knew you had to pay to get raped. Maybe she used that money to fund her 16 million dollar hockey rink built on land she knew was not hers. In fact, the land was owned by a man that just happened to be living outside of the state at the time. Or that she fired someone because he did not fire a state trooper. I mean I don’t think its weird that she went out of her way to fire a state trooper that just happened to be her sisters ex husband, but the general reason is because my mother does not think Palin should bring her religious views into the White House.

My father is still on the fence, but is leaning towards Obama. I ask occasionally “so dad who are you voting for?” He exclaims that he cannot vote for McCain. And I say well you can’t vote for Ralph Nader because he is crazy and you can’t vote for Cynthia McKinney because she is against police. He just changes the subject and makes the usual “annoyed face.” Oh, it feels so good to have been right all along and to have your parents adopt your opinion, in this case, for a political candidate.

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