Windward Rants & Raves

By Hunter Owens (Co-Founder, Editor In Chief, Columnist) [?]

Published: December 2, 2008 and Updated: December 25, 2008
Original LA News Desk Content

Rant: Monday Morning Meetings have become a laughing stock and a nuisance. A meeting should be used as a quick distribution method for announcements. We do not need Monday morning meetings to be fun. We want them to be functional. Since teachers have stopped reading the overfilled and outdated announcements, students are left to their own to find out about events. Monday Morning Meetings have so far been nap times for Windward students.

Rave: The construction has been well managed. It has been relatively quiet and has not been an inconvenience to any of my classes. I hear it will be done by April. I commend Tom Gilder and the rest of the administration for completing a tough project on the deadline. As a writer, I know how hard it is to stay on a deadline (this article was 2 weeks late). The buildings are looking great, and I am excited to get out of Room 109 for science and the cramped after-school library.

Rant: Why is my Japanese class in three different classrooms? This system is extremely confusing and annoying. I also face the same problem with Chemistry. Is it really that hard for the great scheduling gods to place my classes in the same classroom every day? This system has led me to be tardy to three different class periods. I feel that moving students into many different classrooms that may or may not fit the class should be sorted out by the first couple weeks of school. I do not want to be taking my ten person Japanese class in a trailer with thirty seats once a week.

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  • Ronald L. Green, M.D., on 02/01/2009, said:

    Is LA News Desk a credible news source or just a vehicle for the editors' selfish complaints?

  • Hunter Owens- Editor-in-Chief, on 02/03/2009, said:

    Re: Ronald L. Green, M.D. I believe that LA News Desk is a great source for good high school journalism. One element of journalism is opinion, and LA News Desk takes pride in being an uncensored vehicle for its writers. While you may think this article is "a vehicle for the editors' selfish complaints" we take pride in bringing issues to the limelight and letting students' voices be heard.

  • Ronald L. Green, M.D., on 02/20/2009, said:

    To the editor--

    My granddaughter, who is currently a student at Windward School, introduced me to this web page, "LA News Desk," after expressing great frustration and outrage about its content. I quickly came to agree with her on this; Windward is a prestigious, innovative institution which deserves no such defamation. It really is unacceptable. While i do understand the importance that opinion has in journalism, this degree of selfishness on the part of the editors should not and will not be tolerated.

  • Hunter Owens- Editor-in-Chief, on 02/23/2009, said:

    Dr. Green, LA News Desk operates independently of any school and exercises its first amendment rights regularly. The writer in this article does not defame Windward in any way and is allowed to publish so called "complaints" that may actually improve the quality of education at Windward.

  • Brice Green, on 03/03/2009, said:

    As a writer and editor at LA News Desk, I can verify that this website is a credible news source. If you do not enjoy reading rant articles, or articles by Hunter, then don't. The purpose of these "rant" articles are specifically to "rant" in a humorous fashion about everyday happenings at Windward. There is a wide variety of news on this site, and you can read what you want. Instead of taking one article and judging the entire site, evaluate it based on its purpose and writer. To get an accurate picture of what the site is about, I would recommend reading a sample of articles from multiple categories, instead of making negative generalizations about the site as a whole.

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