What Is RSS?

Here's the idea: you could visit your favorite sites regularly, hoping for new content but wasting time if there isn't any. Or, you could subscribe to those sites with RSS and new content from those sites will come to you automatically and be aggregated by a program on your computer.

How do I use it?

  1. Get an RSS Reader (the program used for subscribing to websites and storing their content). Most RSS Readers, such as Google Reader, are free. Google Reader is runs online, so no installation is necessary; you only have to have/set up a Google account. If you choose an offline RSS Reader, use that RSS Reader's manual for help installing it.

  2. Add Subscriptions (also called feeds) to your RSS Reader. To do so, find the function labeled like 'Add A Feed' and enter the URL of the feed you want. To find URLs for feeds of interest, look for an RSS page or the RSS icon () on your favorite sites. To add one of our feeds, click its link (below) and add the resulting URL.

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