Windward Baseball Takes A Road Trip...

By Mitchell Brisacher and Tyler Cass (Contributors) [?]

Published: April 23, 2009 and Updated: May 6, 2009
Original LA News Desk Content

350 miles. 14 and a half hours. A rickety, old school bus with a top speed of 55 miles per hour. 20 dollars spent on food and drink. And to top it all off, we won a baseball game. This is the harrowing account of the Windward baseball team’s spring break journey into Kern Valley, a place that doesn’t even appear on MapQuest, as told through the eyes of two freshmen, Mitchell and Tyler. They survived closed roads, rain, high wind warnings, and nearly 15 hours on a bus with Tyrone Powell. As you read their epic tale, do not forget that everything you read is completely true. This is gripping harsh reality. This is the raw truth.

Disclaimer: If you don't know the Windward Baseball team, most of this will make no sense/not be funny.

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  • I Love Tech, on 04/24/2009, said:

    I really love this chronicle, my favorite part is about Nora the bus driver. the only part i didn't like was the imput from the writer Tyler. His used large words that had the wrong meaning for the application. Hopefully he will humble himself before the next article. Bravo!

  • Jack Brown, on 04/24/2009, said:

    Although I am only acquainted with Mitchell the entire story was both hilarious and frightening!

  • Ethan Resnick (Co-Founder, Technology Director, Designer, Columnist), on 04/27/2009, said:

    great article guys and man was that a fun trip. good luck in the contest.

    @I Love Tech, a bit ironic that your comment has typos, wouldn't you say!

  • jon ho, on 05/06/2009, said:


  • Andrew W., on 05/08/2009, said:

    Very nice. I'm very close with Tyler so this was very amusing for me.
    Erect Penis haha =]

  • Lauren, on 05/26/2009, said:

    great job!

  • Tyler Cass, on 02/18/2010, said:

    Disclaimer: Ignore the disclaimer

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