Obama speeking to a crowd.

Obama's Next 100 Days

Hunter Owens writes on the next 100 days of the Obama administration, and how it could affect students.

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Israeli Elections Recap - Stripping Out All The Confusion

In recent weeks many have asked. "Who won the Israeli Elections?" Brice Green drives into the intense issues of the Israeli Knesset to determine the winner and provide analysis.

An Interview with The Israeli Consulate

An interview with David Saranga of the Israeli Consulate.

Hamas-Israel Internet Warfare

The war is now being waged on two battlegrounds, Gaza and the internet.

Roland Burris Seated in U.S. Senate

Roland Burris was an unlikely senator. Appointed by an impeached governor, democrats swore not to let him into the Senate, however he has taken his seat as Senator from Illinois.

Dubai: Architecture on Steroids

The Dubai architecture scene is exploding, producing some of the most visually stunning buildings in the world. Here's a few highlights.

Guide to Obama's Cabinet

A rundown of the big Obama Cabinet picks by Hunter Owens.

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